Invest in these developer tools to produce greater returns in the long run

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Image of odometer
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How can we ship features faster? Why are we not hitting our target dates?

These are questions from product managers that software developers often hear when the project is not progressing as projected.

The answer to these questions is to listen to the development teams and allow them the time to remove bottlenecks and reduce constraints in their workflow.

The ongoing goal for software development teams should be in the realm of building and shipping high-quality software quickly at a sustainable pace.

Throwing more engineers at the project — or them working more hours will not move up the target…

Lessons I’ve learned becoming a lead engineer

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I asked myself a question, “What would I say to a recent grad or a colleague asking for advice on becoming a lead software engineer?”

I worked in a professional setting for five years. For the last two and a half years, I’ve been on the same project and became one of the lead software engineers. I learned a lot working with many talented engineers and being guided by highly experienced mentors.

So I figured there is some value in my experiences that I could share with others to help them achieve their…

Lessons learned from optimizing the development of a massive project

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For the last two years, I’ve been working on a massive project and gained invaluable experience in learning how to improve productivity.

This has been the largest project I’ve worked on and at one point, 25 developers working full time on the project from about 4 different time zones. Keeping teams aligned and productive was taxing. I noticed that having all these developers working together didn’t necessarily help us hit our milestones.

The only true way to significantly improve productivity is to optimize the environments in which the software development teams work. …

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More often than none, software developers will develop applications that rely on some of Amazons Web Services.

These services make it difficult to develop and test the entirety of the application without having to deploy to Amazon. The process of making changes and testing them can take a lot of time to get feedback. For example, Lambda functions that listen to AWS Kinesis streams events can be difficult to develop and test locally on your computer since they are not connected to an API gateway.

Localstack does a great job of mocking some of the AWS services. Localstack behaves very…

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